Psychic Readings

Past, Present and future readings.  Connecting with spirit and guides.  Clearing your energy and your home

Willow Bee The Tree - Do You See Me?

A delightful children's meditation guide and story both parents and children will enjoy together.

Animal Communication

Connect with your pet on a deeper soul level.  Understand their wants, needs and how they feel

Emotional Healing

You no longer have to live with emotions that do not serve you.  Let me help you reconnect with your inner self in a healthy way


Master/Teacher Reiki, CRA.  Healing of the mind, body and soul.  Courses in Komyo and Usei

Certified Meditation Instruction

Certified Meditation Instructor.  Mental cultivation to see with clarity and precision.


Terri Beauchamp - Pyschic Medium

Get the information you need about your past and future.

Find out what your guides have to tell you

Get rid of unwanted negative energies in your home (distant energy clearings available)

Reconnect with loved ones in spirit

Terri Beauchamp - Animal Communicator

Reconnect with your pets

Find out what they want to tell you

Get assistance with behavioral problems

Obtain deeper insight into physical and emotional well being

Find a lost pet

Reconnect with your furry friend in spirit

Meet your animal guide