Personal Reviews from Clients

What a wonderful gift I gave myself today attending this workshop. Terri has a beautiful way of gently bringing the participants through the material and working with the group from start to finish. Setting the stage at the beginning to ending on a positive and helpful way. Thank you! Michael

​​Great workshop on how to release anger in a healthy way. The meditations were extremely relaxing. Terri is an expert at what she does. Many of us have anger issues we don't want to face, as issues are often rooted deep within our unconscious mind. Terri helped me to discover where much of that anger was coming from, which felt very "freeing". That load I had been carrying for many years had finally been lifted. AMAZING workshop, well worth the time!! Gail

At first I was skeptical about it because I didn't believe it could be done from a distance.... Terri did the reading from Canada and I live in SVG but the results were unbelievable, I became very emotional, it was spot on. I found peace within after that reading last week. Thanks Terri . Tatis

You are a wonderful human being and I thank you from the depths of my heart for your time yesterday, Sophie

Hi Terry, thank you so much for taking the time to read me. You are very accurate on many things.  I truly appreciate your time and the advice from my guides. I will take it all in! Thank you so so much!! Blessed Be! ?

SOFI-> Lovely reading and accurate. You are welcome to come and meet her if you like. Tricia

​Terri, this reading was really accurate. I would definitely use your services again in the future. Pauli 

​LEIA--> Thank You Terri for this reading you have opened my eyes to some concerns I had and helped me see what an amazing puppy I have. How intelligent she is and helped me with some closure about CC's passing. Your abilities are amazing and I hope one day to be able to channel animals like you can and apply it to my dog training to help those poor dogs that no one understands. Your friend Krystal Lavoie <3 

SHERMAN-->Sherman's pre passing was bang on...he had cancer and the tumors where in his stomach and the last thing he did before he passed was throw up just liquid. I am not surprised he is a Deer in this life right now, he chased many when we lived in Muskoka, I'm sure he loves being one now <3 His personality and spirit you have described perfectly, he was the most gentle, loving soul and so calm. You have brought up my father and Sheila also brought this up with Ivy's reading. You had my boyfriend and I in tears with this beautiful reading and reminder of our boy. Thank you so much Namaste <3, Stacey

SADIE--> Amazing girl! I just forwarded to Alison who lives there and helped deliver the baby boy ;). We do always seem to have problems with the electrical fencing...and they are right beside the cows <3. There was a hay fire about 3 weeks ago...wonder if she may be referring to that? But. The electrical panel is right by the barn door. Thank you so much Bella! :)) Stacey Bowman

​Terri is a very gifted soul. Every since meeting her I realized that she brings many different talents to the table. We had a reading done w our new kitty and knew that there was something very special about her. The reading was a spectacular, in depth report of who are special new addition was and totally bang on about her personality. We were amazed! Highly recommened! I also had the pleasure of doing a reiki session w Terri on a hip/back issue that had been bothering me for quite some time. It was so relaxing and now I am pain free. Thank you so much for what you bring to the table. I look forward to experiencing more of your talents in the near future. Blessings, Lisa

REY-->The vet and I both feel the lameness is coming from Rey’s right hind leg, hip or back. I was hoping you could help us narrow down an area. He hasn’t shown anything on the left unless he has pain compensation. Please let me know if you have any other ideas. Thanks so much!! Response: Yes, thanks sooooo much! That was very helpful! Mari, Blue Moon Aussies

​SOPHIE-->Terri, thank you for the wonderful reading. I feel that my connection with my cat is stronger than ever. Weeks before the reading I had recurring dreams of my cat which I did not share with anyone. During my time with Terri, she was able to recall the exact details of my dreams; I was completely surprised and humbled by the experience. I couldn't believe the accuracy of her words and how in tune she was with my cat. I feel a great sense of peace and I am grateful for the opportunity to create a deeper connection with my dear cat. I am now able to respond better to my loved animal's needs. Irene

​​FELICIANA --> Hi Terri, this is Feliciana's foster, Isabella. Our family want to thank you for the reading you sent. There were endless "aww-s" when we read it and I was in tears. We are glad to know that Feliciana is happy cause we love her so much. Most of them seem to be accurate. Isabella

​BEN-->Ben passed away on November 10, 2010. He was a beautiful and majestic creature as his owner would say. Feedback : Thank You! I look forward to the day we will meet again…….he will always be “the love of my life” Sharon