Meet Terri

Terri Beauchamp has appeared on the web TV show Living in Colour, the radio with All Business Media FM,  featured by the Canadian Reiki Association monthly news and her children's meditation guide (Willow Bee The Tree) was selected for the 2017 Brampton Library Local Author's Showcase.

Terri with her cat 'Midnight'









Terri Beauchamp

Animal Communicator​

People and Spirit Readings

Reiki Master/Teacher, CRA

Certified Meditation Instructor, CM.I, IAMI

Children's Book Author (Willow Bee The Tree children's meditation guide)

About Terri

​Terri Beauchamp, A natural born Empath who has developed her skills over the years and she can easily sense  the  energies of those around  her. She has the ability to perceive physical  sensitivities, motivations and intentions, spiritual  urges, and much more.

As a child, she grew up on a farm surrounded by many animals including horses, sheep, cows, pigs and so much more.  She has a love for all animals and a deep respect for the rescue groups that work hard to find animals a home.  She has 4 rescues of her own; 2 dogs and 2 cats.

How long have you been a Holistic Practitioner?

I started my spiritual path as a child.  I knew I was a little different.  Seeing and hearing spirits was something common for me. I've had my practice for about 4 years now.  I learned to appreciate and accept my gifts and use them to help those in need so that I can use them for the greater good and help others needing my assistance.  I've been through a lot in my life.  What I can tell you is those experiences were necessary for me to get a better understanding of life and those who have had similar experiences so that I can help them.

Who do you work with?

Anyone that feels a pull towards me to learn more about themselves, their past, present and future paths, or wishes to learn more from their spiritual guides.    I offer initial consultations so we can get to know each other.  It's just as important for me to meet you and understand you as it is for you to meet me and ask questions.

Anyone who has a pet 

I love animals with my whole heart.  Doesn't really matter what kind - I love them all :).  I've been around animals my whole life since the age of two, so it makes sense that I can communicate with them so easily now.

​​What makes you different?

​Wisdom, education and years of life experiences that go hand in hand with my spiritual gifts.

​I think each person and situation is unique and it really depends on their needs and what is going on with them  at that moment in time that determines how best to help them.

What's Next?

The services that you need is going to  depend dramatically on what is going  on with you at the present time. My  goal is to help determine what you  require so you can begin to emerge  as  a stronger, happier, and healthier  person.  I'm here to help you reconnect with yourself, your pets and your family.

You work so hard to achieve everything you want in life and you deserve it

Our lives are a journey

We must always remember to come from the heart

Let me help you re connect

Call me today 416.725.7805  or email me at​

"Listen and you will hear nature calling you,  Look and you will see all the colours of the rainbow, Feel and you will awaken"

Terri 16-18
Sofi and me

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