Terri Beauchamp, CRA, Psychic Medium,  Animal Communicator,

                    Reiki Master/Teacher,  I Can Solve Me - Fix8, Children's Author

Located at:

I'm here to help you reconnect with yourself, your pets and your family.

You work so hard to achieve everything you want in life and you deserve it

Our lives are a journey

We must always remember to come from the heart

You may have something in your life that is holding you back:  

Anger, sadness, 
Past childhood trauma,
A relationship,​

You can let it go

Let me help you re connect to what you already have and so much more to
Have an appreciation for life

Become Healthier

Become Happier

You can have it 

It’s a memento called your life

Call me today 416.725.7805 for a free 15 minute consultation


​​​​The services that you need is going to  depend dramatically on what is going  on with you at the present time. My  goal is to help determine what you  require so you can begin to emerge  as  a stronger, happier, and healthier  person.

Terri Beauchamp,

Serving: Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville,  Fort Erie, GTA and surrounding areas as well as ​online services worldwide

Psychic Readings

Find out what messages your guides have for you

Step Mom's AA

You are an angel by virtue of being a step mom.  Learn more

Animal Communication

Your pet has a message for you.  Time to find out what it is

Willow Bee The Tree

Mindful meditation with parent and child bonding

"Listen and you will hear nature calling you,
Look and you will see all the colours of the rainbow,
Feel and you will awaken"

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Take a moment to relax, rejuvunate and awaken


Breathe deeply and relax.  Programs and more

Energy Clearing

It's time to let go of those negative emotions