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Welcome to Hamilton's Healing and Crystal Shop


Were here to help you in the best possible way.  Whether you are looking for products at our local store in Hamilton or you require holistic healing services in store or online, were here to help!  Living and breathing your true passion and love for life makes it worth living each day and being grateful for it.  I'm so grateful to those who reach out to me, for without you, I would not be able to live my passion each day.  Thank you for visiting this site and thank you for just being you and all that you do!  Never forget how special you are 🙂

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Pet Readings

Needs, Wants, Behaviors, Past, Present, Lost pets and more

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People Readings

Past, Present and future readings.  Connecting with spirit and guides. Tea Leaf, Psychic, Medium, Group Events

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Certified Meditation Instruction

Mental cultivation to see with clarity and precision.

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Master/Teacher Reiki, CRA.  People, Pets, Grids, Courses

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Pulsed Elctromagnetic Field Therapy

Align naturally to the earth's frequency.  Let your body heal itself naturally

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Sound Therapy

Rejuvenate every cell in your body

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Home Energy Cleansing

Remove unwanted negative energy from your home

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