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Take a moment to relax, rejuvunate and awaken

Energy Clearing

It's time to let go of those negative emotions

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Mindful meditation with parent and child bonding

Your mind is a busy mind and you need to find ways to relax. Maybe you need to shed some of the sadness from your younger years.  You feel disconnected from your family, your children, and your life.  

In your life you go through so much trauma
You knew you were different and you felt different as a child.  
You don’t have your innocence.
You felt excluded and different

And at a certain point in your life you realized that you were different. But you push it aside so you could be like everyone else. Wanting to fit in.  And you run away from your own self.

So now you work so hard to achieve everything you want in life, always aiming for the next highest level.  But when you stop, you realize it’s not your path. You’re not meant for this. There is something else that is your path.

You feel pulled to learn more about yourself.
You’re independent but you have been lost in your life.
You are disconnected from your own self.

You have to go on a journey to reconnect with yourself.  You need to learn how to let go of the things holding you back:  

Anger, sadness, 
Past childhood trauma,
A relationship,​

You can let it go

Connect to what you already have. Look around you and open your eyes and see everything there is to see. Stop drowning in technology, in business. Connect with people around you. Sit down and have a family dinner

​​Go back to the basics - you will have more appreciation of your life. You will be able to think for yourself. To manage your life. To have your health and be a leader of your family.

Hi I’m Terri, and I help families reconnect.  Parents become the mentor they wish to be for their children and step children. It’s a parent/child experience. 

You become the guidance for your children. 
You’ll connect more with each other and you will have a pure bonding experience.

You connect more with your pets
You become healthy. 
Allowing your child or step child to be expressive. 
You start to  appreciate yourself more
​You build your sacred place within you

You can have it 

It’s a memento called your life

Call me today 416.725.7805

"Listen and you will hear nature calling you,
Look and you will see all the colours of the rainbow,
Feel and you will awaken"

The services that you need is going to  depend dramatically on what is going  on with you at the present time. My  goal is to help determine what you  require so you can begin to emerge  as  a stronger, happier, and healthier  person.

Terri Beauchamp,

  • Step Mother, Step Sister, Step Daughter
  • Loving family
  • Project Manager and Business Analyst
  • Children's book author
  • Reiki Master, CRA
  • ZPoint Practitioner
  • Meditation Instructor
  • Animal Lover and Communicator

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