Terri Beauchamp, certified Master/Teacher Reiki with the Canadian Reiki Association

I am an intuitive Master/Teacher of Reiki.  Healing is an ability I was born with and comes naturally.  As an born Empath, I am able to feel both your physical and emotional blockages allowing me to release and heal you.   Reiki is a Japanese technique that is hundreds of years old.  It is used for promoting health and well being through simple touch.  Reiki is so powerful it can be provided in person or at a distance.

Most people don't realize that our spiritual layer needs tender loving care just as much as our physical body does.  When it is left for too long, negative energy buildup can cause stress and physical pains.  It's important to feed your soul with love, kindness and gentleness on a regular basis to promote overall well being.

Do you want to learn Reiki?  I offer courses here and I have regular Reiki shares at our location in Hamilton so you can continue your practice


What can I offer you? 

  • Customized meditative healing with Reiki to allow you to receive the highest possible energy healing
  • Intuitive body scan to better understand where physical and emotional blocks exist to assist in healing those target areas
  •  Remove energy blocks from your mind, body and soul
  • Receive and relay messages from your guides and animal totems
  • ​Crystal healing,  aura cleansing​ and rebalancing your chakras
  • Reiki crystal grid wishes
  • Releasing addiction

Who would benefit from Reiki?

Anyone feeling any of the following:

  • Your physical body is draining you of your energy
  • ​Your mind needs a break from emotional stress
  • You wish you had some time to just relax and rejuvenate

How does distance Reiki work?

Reiki healing does not require your presence for you to receive it.  In fact, whether you are present with me or not, you will receive the exact same healing

If you are receiving distant healing, I will setup a one on one session with you where you will be able to see me performing the healing on you from a distance.  You will also receive specialized meditative reiki healing music to assist your body, mind and soul in receiving this healing.  I will also be using crystals pre-selected based on your specific needs to assist with the healing.

What if I don't feel anything physically from a distance?

Feeling the presence of a Reiki treatment does not mean you are not receiving healing.  In fact many clients do feel a difference immediately and they notice a difference in the days that come.  Their energy is elevated and a 'lighter' and 'happier' feeling both physically and emotionally

How does a Reiki Grid Wish work?

Reiki grids allow you to send your wishes to your guides and the universe.  Sometimes our guides have difficulty understanding what we want because we always have so many things on our many.  A Reiki Grid centres and points out specifically a need you have.  With special tools, grids and crystals, your wish can be sent.  Most clients have had much success with their Reiki grid both in person and at a distance.  Your Reiki Grid will be energized for 3 days to ensure the message is sent with full clarity.

How can you help with addiction?

Addiction can be very difficult to deal with whether you have a smoking habit, drinking or drugs of any kind.  Special Reiki methods and tools are used to assist in giving you the healing you require to be successful and quitting the habit.

Negative Energy Home Clearings

Reiki is very powerful and can be used to clear the energy in your home with specialized methods and tools.  Your home needs as much love and care as you do.  When we clean our homes, we wipe away the dust and dirt.  When we cleanse a home with Reiki, we are clearing away the negative clutter that you may inadvertently bring with you each time you step away and come home.