Pet Readings

Terri Beauchamp, Certified Animal Communicator

An animal reading can provide an array of benefits. It allows you to negotiate with feuding animals, help to develop trust, and enhance training. You can learn about past owners and experiences, help rescue animals with adoption, and so much more.  I also specialize in assisting with locating lost pets.

Readings can be done online via phone, zoom or email.

Book An Appointment

Appointments can be booked 2 ways:

  1. Book and Pay directly online through PayPal
  2. Contacting Terri Beauchamp to book your appointment and pay with Email Money Transfer.

*Note: all sessions must be paid in advance

Terri has appeared on stage with live communication at the Plunkett estate in London, Ontario for live pet readings for both the London Humane Society and Pawlooza events that attract over 25,000 + attendees in support of animal resuce

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Can you do distant Animal Communication?

Yes I can, all I need is the name and age of the animal and a recent photograph is required to do the reading.  Distant readings can be done via the phone, email and zoom

Can you find out if my pet is sick?

Yes.  As a natural Empath I'm able to feel the physical and emotional well being of an animal and assist with pin pointing where I feel any concerns.  You may want to consider a Pet Reiki session in these instances as it will not only provide natural healing, but they will also share messages with me about what is bothering them.  You can find out more about Pet Reiki here

Can you help with behavioral problems?

Absolutely.  Animals have feelings just like us and they can use alternative methods to let us know when something is bothering them.  Communicating with the Animal can assist in finding out where the problem is and why they are acting out.

Can you help me find my lost pet?

Yes I can.  If you have lost a pet, please contact me, I specialize in helping to locate lost pets.  Please know that only 1.5 hour readings are offered for lost pets.  The reason for this is a pet that is lost may have a lot going on at the time I connect with them and I need the first 30 minutes to build that bridge.  They may have anxiety, be hurt, feeling emotional or helpless.  After the first 30 minutes, I contact you to advise you that the connection is established and what I have learned up to that point.  We then spend the next 30 minutes communicating with your pet.  When animals are lost, they can show me many things from buildings, street signs, how the weather is, who they may have come in contact with, where they believe they are at that moment, if they are hurt.  I also ask you for your complete address.  After the reading, I locate your area on a map.  I find the best time to do this is after the reading because it is easier to pinpoint based on what they have told me during the reading.  I also use a pendulum and dowsing tools to try to get a more exact location.  I then share those details with you.

Can you connect spiritually to an animal that has passed?

Absolutely.  The communication with an animal is at the soul level and not the physical being.  The connection is much the same way it is with our animals presently with us in physical form.  For a pet that has passed, I would require the name of the pet, a picture, the age they passed and the date they passed.  You may also bring a toy or collar or something sentimental that belonged to the pet to further connect with their energy.

Do you work with Rescue Animals?

Yes I absolutely do.  Rescue animals can be the most sincere and devoted pet you can have.  Most times they have experienced some form of Trauma that has either affected them physically or emotionally.  I'm able to communicate with the animal and develop a trust so they can share their past history, how they feel about their new environment and much more.  For rescues, I do offer a discount on readings as they are needing a little extra help and it is an honor to assist them.  Each case may vary so please email me for details and let me know the case we are working with.

About Me as an Animal Communicator

I have been around animals since the age of 2 years old.  I love them as much as I do anyone else in our household.  They are my family 🙂

When I was younger I lived on a farm and we raised horses and cows.  My favorite cow was one I named 'Audrey'.  She was a very special girl that greeted me with snuggles and kisses every morning and evening when I fed her.

Of course we had 15 cats and a dog and I took care of the sheep at the neighbour's across the street.

I don't recall a day in my life without at least a cat or dog.   I currently have 4 rescues in my home, 2 cats and 2 dogs.  Each one of them called to me and each one of them has a unique story to tell, something special to give me in return: their love, support and guidance.​

My love for animals extends beyond just a pet reading.   I understand them and how they feel which is why I offer my services sometimes to Pet Rescue groups, Humane Societies or sometimes I attend events and help to raise money for these groups.  There's nothing better than helping an animal who does not yet have a home and just needs someone to listen to them.

Note: Being an Animal Communicator is a gift.  I do not claim to be a Veterinarian.  Please seek appropriate medical treatment for your pet if you feel this is required.