Terri Beauchamp, CRA, Psychic Medium,  Animal Communicator,

                    Reiki Master/Teacher,  I Can Solve Me - Fix8, Children's Author

Step Mom's AA

You are a strong and empowered woman.  

You give everything to your family and you ask for nothing in return except love and respect.  
You are a step mother and you are an angel.  
 Somewhere along the way you forget this about yourself.  
You need to help to get back on the right track and you can

Step Moms Are Angels

Work with Terri​​

Hi, my name is Terri and I really want to work with you to help you address your current needs.  If your asking yourself which service you need, that's ok.  It can be a little overwhelming to try and choose the right one.  Sometimes the best thing to do is pick up the phone and give me a call.  That won't cost you anything.  This way we have an opportunity to get to know each other and we can talk about what your needs are.   These are not just 'services' I provide.   I show these services to you so you can get an understanding of what I can give you.  But it's really about how best I can help you.   I think everyone is special and everyone has a right to help themselves.  It's your birth right to love yourself!

Feel free to call me anytime so we can chat, 416-725-7805 or send me an email : terrikins.tb@gmail.com

Empath and Psychic Medium

Animal Communicator
Reiki Master, CRA
Energy and Emotional Release Practitioner
Meditation Instructor

Children's book author

Intuitive Psychic Energy Readings

You need someone who understands what you’re going through who can be supportive and help you find the answers your looking for.  
You need someone who will really take to heart the concerns you have.​
You can have those answers and more

​I can help you with what you seek

Animal Communication

You wish you knew more about your loved one.  Not everyone understands that your pet is not just an animal but rather a family member.  

Find out what they want you to know 

Pet Readings​


 It's not just about relaxation
It's not just about clearing your mind
You need to feel at peace

You need the tools and know how to do it the right way

Find your inner peace 

 Energy Clearing

Negative energy can easily attach to us creating energy blocks.  
You have learned how to hold on to these energy blocks (or negative emotions) by hiding them deep inside you.  
You believe they are safe there and cannot come out until another situation occurs that brings them out.  
And you repeat the cycle of hiding them again.
You deserve to be happy and you can be.

Make the choice to release these energy blocks and live a happier and healthier life.

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You have such a busy life and there never seems to be enough time for you.  
You feel drained from emotional and physical stress from all the pressure in your life. 
​You forgot what it's like to take care of yourself
It's time to take care of you

Personalized Intuitive Reiki Services