Welcome to our Tea Leaf Reading Services

Tea Leaf Readings are extremely enjoyable.  You have the opportunity to have many different types of readings with tea leaf while enjoying your favorite cup of team in a beautiful and relaxing environment.

Our ancestors used the art of tea leaf reading for many years to predict future outcomes.  It's no surprise that it is still enjoyed so much today.

I use fine china and holistic tea leaves that come in a variety of flavors. You get the option of selecting the flavor you are drawn to as well as the cup.

The energy of the cup and the flavor of your tea assist with the outcome of your reading.

During your reading, I interpret the symbols in your tea cup and I reach out to your guides to understand the meaning and message behind the symbol specific to you.

Tea Leaf Readings can also be done at a distant/online via email and online (facebook messenger/skype).  I add your energy to the cup and tea leaf you select and drink the tea.  In both scenarios you will receive a picture of your cup with the tea leaves and meanings for the symbols, messages from your guides



Tea Leaf reading options include:

  • 6 month future 30 minute reading $60
  • Past, present, future 30 minute reading $60
  • 12 month future 1 hour reading $110
  • Package of 3 tea leaf readings for 30 minutes $155
  • Package 3 tea leaf readings for 1 hour $300

You may purchase a reading via email money transfer to terri.beauchamp@terrikins.com or via the paypal link below (please make sure to select the option you would like first from the dropdown).  Also please send an email with your contact information after you have made your purchase. All prices are subject to hst

Tea Leaf Readings

If your looking for a group reading for a party, birthday, wedding, etc., please refer to the group reading link above

I do not combine readings of various types.  The reason is that I am connecting with a specific type of energy during your reading and it is important to maintain that connection for your benefit.