Tarot Decks

Tarot has been used for centuries to assist in learning more about the past, present and future of a soul.  It is an art and practice that has been studied for years.  Each deck has beautiful pictures and meanings.  $24.99 each

The Rider Tarot - yellow
Shadowscapes Tarot deck 2
Witches Tarot card deck
Rider Tarot Deck

Crystal Oracle Cards by Ashley Leavy - Coming soon

Tap into the Universal Energy Source and receive its messages with these Crystal Grid Oracle Cards. Deck includes 48 cards and a full color 4-page instructional booklet and much more.

Deck of cards measures 3.5 in. long x 2.5 in. wide.


“HIGHER SAMSKARAS” Positivity Cards

Higher Samskaras are concepts of high vibrations that form energetic imprints in our psyche. They help us create a positivity habit, build new pathways in our brain and release emotional blockages. Each card contains on the back a brief explanation of the concept, a section for our heart and mind, and an affirmation.

The cards have been created in Canada by local artist Dorota Rutkowska and printed in Italy by a solar-powered company using food-grade inks. Higher Samskara cards are 3.5″x 5″, have been printed on 330 gsm satin smooth, casino-quality paper. The cards have been varnished for easy shuffling and are tear and damage resistant.

Each deck contains 42 Higher Samskara cards and 3 instruction cards: a blue one with the list of all Higher Samskaras, a yellow one with the introduction to the concept of Samskaras, and a purple one with suggestions for use.

Each deck has been individually smudged. $35.99 each

Dorota Higher Samskaras Cards
Dorota Higher Samskaras Cards 2