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                 Terri Beauchamp, CRA, Psychic Medium,  Animal Communicator,

                    Reiki Master/Teacher,  I Can Solve Me - Fix8, Children's Author

​Step Mom's Are Angels (AA)

You give up a lot of your life the moment you become a step mom.  You didn't realize how much until you started down the path

You do so much

You support the family financially

You guide your step children to the best of your ability

You love your step children and your husband

You give up that extra personal time you thought you had to take the kids to an event or help them with their homework

You give up your weekends and sleep in/relax time to be with the family

You go out of your way to keep everyone happy

                                               You do all this and you


Clean the house

Make dinner

Maybe walk the dog

                                                 BUT it feels like no one appreciates it

Everything you do is right to you and wrong to everyone else around you
You are saturated with endless advice from your parents to your husband (boyfriend) parents, sisters, brothers, even the kids
You’re not wrong, you just need to find your place

You’re not up to the task and the mother will never see you as good enough
Give her time, she's adjusting like you

Your constantly worrying about the welfare of the children

That's normal, it's mother's instinct but there is a better way to handle this

It seems like you constantly have to go to court to fix things and it's a constant emotional and financial battle

There is a way to handle this without feeling so burdened

You constantly complain and relive the same mindless chatter and every negative feeling each time you wake up
You deserve better than this

Your friends are getting a little tired of hearing about your life story and don't want to anymore
Complaining will only keep those negative feelings alive

Your friends who are moms don't sympathize with you
Unless you have been in a step mom's shoes, that's hard to understand

You know you’re doing it but you can't stop because you need to release the hurtful feelings inside
There is a way to let it go and I can help you

No one is listening
I am

You can't wait to spend some time alone and rejuvenate
Yes you deserve it.  And you can choose it

Your energy is drained
It does not have to be.  There is a better way

You try to please everyone around you but you can't and it's never enough
You cannot help others until you help yourself first

You think there is no end to this and you wonder why you even started down this path in the first place
Because you are an angel with a heart of gold

You didn't expect this nor did you sign up for  it
But you did and there is a way to be happy

You have not figured out what your role is
I can help you with that

Choose just this once to help yourself.

You need a solution, not a band aid fix.  While support groups are great to find situations similar to yours, they don't fix the problem.  Family counselling is helpful but you need something that resonates specifically to you.  Each step mother and family unit is unique.  Therefore so should be the solution.

My name is Terri Beauchamp and I have 42 years’ experience living in the step family environment.  You deserve to live happy and I can show you how to do this while keeping your family and your sanity in check.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is this different then a therapist? 
Answer: I'm not a therapist, I'm a friend, a mentor and a certified holistic healer with 42 years of experience in a step family environment.  With me, you don't get a counselor, you get a friend with ongoing support during our time together.   I've been there and I understand what your going through.  I know what its like to feel picked on, feeling segragated and left out, getting the wrong advice and stressed and worried about how everyone else feels except for myself.

 2. What results can I expect to see?
Answer: There are a multitude of results that you will see in yourself after going through this program.   Investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do.  Feeling empowered and having peace of mind is worth more than anything in this world.  I only wish someone else had created a program like this for me years ago.   

  • Letting go of negative emotions
  • Natural healing of emotional scars
  • Understanding your role as a step mother
  • Ability to handle difficult situations
  • Learning how to bond with your step children
  • Removing yourself from the drama​

 3. What am I paying for?  

You are paying for your well being.  You need to take care of yourself first before taking care of anyone else.  That's a lesson I had to learn the hard way.  Take my advice and get what you need NOW.  Your not going to get a bunch of words and templates or videos of 'how to's.  What you are going to get is an 11 week real time program with me that will be given at your pace with the ongoing support you need - specific to you.  Each of us are different and our needs are different.  This program is intended to be flexible enough to handle these different situations.  And when were done, your going to have a memento of the good things to remind you of the path you have taken and the choice to be happy.  Included in this program:

  • We Start with a consultation.  I need to get to know you better and what you need
  • I want to get to know your situation even better, so we will complete an intuitive psychic energy reading specific to your situation including messages from your guides.  You will receive your own copy of the reading once it's done
  • We need to remove your energy blocks before we can move forward.  Once I have gotten to know you we will complete  series of sessions (3) to remove the negative energy blocks you are carrying with you.  These sessions are very emotional and very important for you to move forward.
  • Next you will need to heal those emotional scars that are most likely also causing physical pain as well.  So we will complete a distant Reiki session that will include a customized Reiki meditation and crystals specific to you (delivered to your door prior to the session).  While you may be far away from me, you will feel like your right beside me.  Trust me, we will be doing this together.
  • Finally, it's time for you to move forward with your best self.  That's the closing sessions, recommendations and powerful tips to move forward customized to your situation.  This will include my special tips for working with your step children (or teenagers), the birth mother, your husband and his family.  This is where my 42 years of experience really hits home for you.
  • Lastly, a few free items:
  • Free access for 6 months to Willow Bee's Online Mindful Mediation program ($60 value)
  • Videos of all of our sessions together ($100 value)
  • A  very special final memento to remind you of all of the wonderful reasons you are who you are.  ($100 value)
  • 25 % of your next service (approx. $30 value)

What are the benefits of this program?

  • Feeling empowered to make decisions
  • Confidence in the decisions you have made
  • Feeling more connected to your husband and family
  • Feeling more connected to yourself
  • To be happy in life
  • Time to focus on your health and happiness
  • Removing judgement and guilt from yourself

I already know this about you:

  • You are an angel by virtue of being a step mother
  • You are a confident and strong woman
  •  You deserve happiness and love 
  • You deserve peace of mind
  • You can have it!

What do I need from you?

I need your commitment.  I  need you to muster up some of that strength or confidence you've already got.  Believe it or not you still have it and this program will just bring that back out again so you can see it for yourself.  But you have to really want this and be dedicated to what I will share with you.  There is a journey to follow and I will be there with you every step of the way.

How much does it cost?

​Your total cost includes all of the above services mentioned including 8 hours over the course of 8 weeks of one on one time and additional support.   

Included is the free items noted above and your well being - the cost of for that is priceless!

​Your total cost for this program is $900 + hst

Don't spend years trying to figure it all out like I did.   There is more to life than worry and stress.

 Give me a call at 416-725-7805.  Let's chat and get to know each other.  Alternatively you can send me an email if that is more comfortable for you