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Owl Black Cauldron


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The Owl Metal cauldron is ideal to burn your granular incense. Use with sand (included!) and a tablet of charcoal on which you sprinkle your favourite resin incense when the charcoal is incandescent. Sit back, relax, meditate and enjoy!

Can also be used as an oil burner.  Pop a tea candle underneath, add your favourite oil and enjoy the fragrance.

Send your favourite wish.  Simply add a note on parchment paper and toss in the cauldron with your favourite herbs.  Light the paper and herbs and watch your wishes reach the heavens as the smoke rises.  Bury the ashes once completed.

The Owl Spirit brings wisdom, protection and helps us discover hidden secrets. Owls have a night vision and can see things not revealed to the human eye. Your Spirit Owl can help you tap into the spirit knowledge and develop your perceptions and your intuition

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