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Ohm Ceramic Oil Burner


Beautifully designed, long lasting.  Add your favorite aroma and a tea light candle underneath to warm it.

  • It creates unique forms of light on your walls while your favorite aroma is released.

Ceramic burners are discreet enough to place in any room. Once lit, the light reflects the beautiful Ohm image carved in the base.  The Ohm symbol is the first sound of creation, and therefore very sacred to the whole world as we know it.  Using the ‘sound’ Ohm with your own voice creates a vibrational harmony and balance with your body.

Electrical burners tend to emit a lot of steam that can be overwhelming in a short period of time.  These small ceramic burners are nice alternative that allow the oil to gently fragrance the room and for long periods time.  Which means the oil you place in it will last longer.

How to use ceramic oil burner

Pour some of your favorite scented aroma or essential oils into dish on the top of the oil burner. Then put one candle inside the base of oil burner and light up the candle. The heat will evaporate the oil.


The overall dimension of the burner is approx. 4″ high. The dish and bottom are connected and made of ceramic

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