Mind Expansion Trilateral Frequency Upgrade Audio (Clear your mind chatter)



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These audio meditations are one of a kind created with Trilateral frequencies that is known to create a balanced state between the left and right brain hemispheres greatly enhancing what binaural beats is limited toThis is truly mind clearing altering audio when you just can’t settle that mind chatter down.  A wonderful experience and fantastic for students or office workers alike.  You won’t find another meditation like this anywhere!

This meditation has been created with specific frequencies to assist with mind expansion and release mind chatter

Once you purchase it is yours to keep forever and add to any media device you choose.

  • Scalar waves induce further integration.
  • Reiki enhanced to further enhance the energy vibrations
  • This is ‘very unique’ music for a clear and calming state of mind (wipe clean the mind chatter)
  • 30 minutes of heightened frequencies to assist with opening up and clearing the mind

A free meditation tip sheet is included with every purchase.  Including details on breathing, posture and more.  

How to use:

  • It is most effective using headphones and to listen to the meditation for the full 20 minutes to feel the effect.
  • It is best to do this only once a day and not overdue the frequencies generated for your body.  It’s a good idea to close your eyes or use a blind fold and lie down or sit in a chair with feet flat on the ground so that you are in a relaxed state.
  • Highly recommended to download to your cell phone so you can listen anywhere you want.  If you download it from your computer, simply connect your phone to your computer and download the file to your music file on your phone.

These mediations have been created by Terri Beauchamp, certified Meditation Instructor with the Holistic University of Theology and certified Reiki/Master Teacher .  Terri has given instruction and guidance to many of her students in Reiki and Meditation for a number of years.  Her soft and gentle approach has helped many who believed they were unable to meditate.  She showed them the way of being in a state of peaceful they thought they could never achieve.  She has put together a unique collection like no other combining all of her knowledge to provide you with the best meditative experience.

After you purchase:

You will receive 2 emails.  One from PayPal with a receipt of your purchase.  The second email will be from us that includes your downloadable material.  Once you select the link, the download will begin automatically in your browser.

Check your downloads folder for the files on your computer or other device used.  Please note it takes up to 1 minute to receive your downloadable material and it may appear in your ‘junk’ folder.  Please check both the inbox and junk folder for your file.

Note: These meditations have been created with a healing and meditative experience in mind.  For those having any medical issues, under the guidance of a doctor or therapist,  it is best to seek medical guidance of a professional first. Beyond Healing Pathways does not claim to provide diagnosis or offer medical advice.


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