Weclome to our Reiki Wish Grid

Reiki grids are an ancient technique to assist with sending your intentions to the universe to manifest what you desire.

A Reiki Grid is used with crystals in a sacred geometric pattern and then infused with Reiki Energy.  Grids are very powerful on their own, but when charged with Reiki, they are extremely focused and powerful form of energy work that can produce amazing results.  This creates a stronger channel of communication with your guides

Reiki grids can be used for ongoing healing, a specific event, a wish you may have.

After your purchase, you will be given an instruction sheet that includes some questions about your intention.  You may only provide one intention for this grid.

Your Reiki Grid will be energized for 3 days to ensure the message is sent with full clarity.

Once your energy grid is created, a picture is sent to you via email.  You can place this picture in a spot where you will be reminded of it for the next 3 days (and thereafter if you wish) and have the ability to send your thoughts and own prayers to it.

May the Reiki Guides and Ascended Masters bring Heaven and Earth together activate this grid


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Grid is created, initialized and infused with Reiki,  Your intentions are sent to the universe and to your guides.  30 minutes is spent with prayer, smudging and energizing the grid.

Day 2:

15 minutes is spent with prayer, smudging and re-energizing your grid

Day 3:

15 minutes is spent with prayer, smudging and re-energizing your grid

Total cost for your Reiki Grid is $75 + hst

Please note that patience is required when an intention is sent to your guides and the universe.  If on day 3, you do not see changes with the intention that has been sent, rest assured your message has been received and your intention will be delivered to you in a way that best suits you for your highest good.  So, you may continue to send prayers after day 3 to keep the intention alive

When preparing your intentions, please do use appropriate reason with what you are requesting.  Your guides will want to know what you intend to do with what your requesting and why.  They will also review your life path to determine whether this is appropriate for you.  Thus, we need to be reasonable with our requests that are achievable within our current state 🙂

Note: A Reiki Grid Wish does not guarantee your wish will be manifested.  It does guarantee that the intention will be sent to the universe and your guides for consideration for your highest good and the best fit for your life path.