Welcome to our Psychic Reading Services

It is a true blessing to be able to offer my clients these gifts and assist them in their journey and spiritual growth.  I'm honored to connect with you and your guides.

I am an Empath who is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient.  Basically, I am able to see, hear and feel the emotions of your guides and you.

During a reading, I will connect with your guides and let you know who is present during this time.  It's not uncommon for ancestors to sometimes appear as well.  You may hear things or ask about your past, present or future.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers.

Please know that I'm here to channel what your guides consider is for your highest good and what you need to know at this moment in your life.

As your life changes and as you grow, so will your messages and guidance.  It is truly a reading at this given moment that will assist you on your journey.

I come from the heart and it is how I connect.  Know that you are not here to receive a confirmation or proof (although you may receive a lot of that), rather the guidance that is needed in this moment in your life.  It is important to remain 'open' to your reading and release any expectations.  Know that I provide a very safe environment where you may express yourself freely knowing it is always kept personal.

You can purchase the following psychic readings:

  • 15 minutes $25.00
  • 30 minutes $55.00
  • 1 hour $95.00
  • Packages of 3 readings each for 30 minutes $140.25
  • Packages of 3 readings each for 1 hour $242.25

You may purchase a reading via email money transfer to terri.beauchamp@terrikins.com or via the paypal link below (please make sure to select the option you would like first from the dropdown).  Also please send an email with your contact information after you have made your purchase. All prices are subject to hst

Psychic Readings

If your looking for a group reading for a party, birthday, wedding, etc., please refer to the group reading link above

I do not combine readings for pets, people or mediumship.  The reason is that I am connecting with a specific type of energy during your reading and it is important to maintain that connection for your benefit.