What is Organo?

Organo is a product made from a special natural medicine grown in Asia called Ganaderma; the gold behind ORGANO.  Ganoderma is a herb staple used.  Health starts at the cellular level, where all energy, and aging of our body’s occur.  Every day our immune system is under attack from stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and pollution. Simple vitamin C is not enough. If you protect and defend your health, you need the power of the secrets of the ancients.

Ganoderma – The powerhouse of mushrooms, has been used for over 2,000 years for its ability to support a healthy immune system because it help support the growth of your body’s own active immune system cells.

Gourmet black coffee
Hot chocolate
Green Tea
Red Tea
Black ice tea
Vanilla shake
Chocolate shake
XT- energy drink
DX- soft detox
Ganodema L
Grape seed

Antioxidants and a healthy diet can really help your body fight the side effects of inflammation. We use the spores, the mycelium, and the ganoderma cap – each has its own unique blend of antioxidants to support fighting free radicals that can cause inflammation and damage at the cellular level.

For thousands of years, Ganoderma lucidum has been recognised by many as the highest ranked of all herbs. The Chinese name for Ganoderma, Lingzhi, means “spiritual potency”, while the Japanese name, Reishi, can be translated as “King of Herbs”. Many ancient civilizations used mushrooms for more than just food. They believed mushrooms had significant health benefits.