Komyo Reiki Level 2 (Komyo Reiki Kai)

This course is designed to teach you level 2 (Komyo Reiki Kai)

Pre-requisite – Level 1 Reiki. If you would like to take Reiki Level 1, please visit the event happening on August 11th at https://www.facebook.com/events/296677067675587/

Reiki is a hands on healing treatment designed to accelerate healing when someone is sick, or being able to ease the pain of an injury, chronic condition, emotional upsets and more. It is also a fundamental starting point for spiritual growth.

In Reiki Level 2, the student becomes more enlightened and blessed with symbols to assist in spiritual growth, connection to Reiki Energy. Students in Reiki Level 2 may become future practitioners and provide Reiki healing to others

What you will learn:
• 7 hour class and 1 hour homework
• Reiki Level 2 Manual
• Three empowering sacred symbols, mantras and their uses:
• Power symbol (Choku Rei)
• Mental/Emotional symbol (Sei He Ki)
• Distance symbol (Hon Sha ZeShoNen).
• Attunements to Second Degree Reiki
• Putting the symbols and hands-on reiki session together, practice
• Practicing Mental/Emotional healing methods
• Practicing various methods of distance healing
• Practicing drawing symbols in class and demonstration of understanding for each student
• Reiki for personal transformation, to positively influence situations, meetings, equipment, clearing spaces and other uses
• Full one hour Reiki session on a table one on one for each student with new symbols practice
• Deepening intuition, take home practices to further enhance your development
• Mentoring on Reiki as a small business if desired.
• The Canadian Reiki Association and its benefits including:
• Where to find the CRA website
• The importance of registration
• Requirements to be registered
• Registered Student
• Registered Practitioner: 24 case studies and forms
• Purchasing an upgrade
• What are CEU’s (Continuing Education Units)
• Code of Ethics
• Code of Conduct
•Scope of practice
• Disciplinary Action Policy
• How to create your profile on the CRA website
• Yearly events and monthly news
• Teacher evaluation forms completed at home in privacy and credits towards membership
• Reiki Level 2 certificate

About your teacher:
I am a Reiki/Master Teacher certified with the Canadian Reiki Association. I have been practicing Reiki for years. What you will learn from this course will carry with you for the rest of your life. Once you receive a Reiki attunement it is yours to keep forever!

About the location
Our store provides a quiet, highly spiritual and serene environment perfect for learning and spiritual growth.

Class will begin promptly at 10 am. Tea, water and snacks will be made available. We will have 1 lunch period and 2 breaks

Payment must be sent prior to the scheduled class time to reserve your spot.

Cost is $250+ hst (total of $282.50). Payment is required ahead of class to reserve your spot

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2119199268147944/

Payment can be sent via email to terri.beauchamp@terrikins.com or via the paypal link. If you prefer another method of payment, please contact me at 416-725-7805.

Note: a minimum of 3 attendees will be required for this event to proceed. New dates will be provided should the class need to be rescheduled. A maximum of 8 attendees


June 9 - 10:00 am


June 10 - 05:00 pm

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Beyond Healing Pathways

Website: https://www.meetup.com/Beyond-Healing-Pathways/

Beyond Healing Pathways

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