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                 Terri Beauchamp, CRA, Psychic Medium,  Animal Communicator,

                    Reiki Master/Teacher,  I Can Solve Me - Fix8, Children's Author


Your breath is your life.  Without it, you can’t live.    The most important thing we can focus on is our ‘breath’

- You need balance in your life
- You need to relax
- You need to be able to focus on the important things in life
- You have a busy mind and struggling to put everything in order

Meditation is the key

But I've tried meditation and it just does not work for me

- You tried meditation but you can't do it, can't relax
- You tried free meditations but they don't work for you
- You’re not sure how you should be sitting
- You’re not sure how to focus on your breath
- You loose your concentration quickly

I can help you with that

There is much more to the practice of meditation than simply learning to sit quietly. Most meditations focus only on relaxation and while this is important, it is not the only component to meditating successfully.  

- Learn the basics of meditation
- Find out the sitting position that suits you the best
- Tools and techniques for focusing on the breath
- Walking meditation
- Silent meditation
- Guided meditations
- Relaxation techniques prior to starting
- Learn how long meditation should be
- Learn how to deal with distractions
- How it will benefit you specifically
- Setting the right atmosphere

 It all starts with a simple phone call (416-725-7805) or email (  Contact me at any time so we can begin chatting and getting to know each other a little more.  

Group Workshops
If you would like to host a Workshop in your home or online, 

  • A minimum of 5 people are required 
  • Workshops are typically 2 hours in length
  • Host  receives their session free.
  • Additional costs may apply for lengthy travel time (for in person visits)
  • Payment is required at registration

​Please contact me if you would like further information on Home Workshops