Terri Beauchamp is a certified meditation instructor with the Holistic University of Theology and a member of the International Association for Meditation Instructors.

This is for anyone whether you are experienced or just starting out. Meditation is the key that unlocks the door to the universe and the expanded consciousness. It's what allows us to spiritually grow. Knowing how to meditate properly with the right instruction and tools can make such a difference in your journey and connection!


A well disciplined mind brings happiness.  Meditation softens a person from the inside.  Civilization can change the outside, be we control what is inside (Dhammapada)

I offer one on one instruction where we will work on your personal needs.  We will also review your posture and breathing techniques to ensure it is benefiting your session.  Everyone is different and how we connect is different.  Thus, what applies to one person may be different for you.  Lastly we will practice based on the things we covered during your session.  I will be there to guide you through a 15 minute meditation session.  Guidance does not necessarily mean that I am speaking the entire 15 minutes.  I will be there to help you connect to a deeper state of meditation, watching your posture and breathing and helping you along the way.  The ultimate goal is to bring you to a much more satisfying and deeper meditation state.  Some examples of what we can cover are listed below

  • Setting intention and having a purpose
  • Sitting in silence vs. using music or guided meditations
  • Preparation for a successful meditation session
  • Clear away the mind clutter
  • Breathing techniques
  • Understanding your personal posture and needs for successful meditation
  • Types of meditation cushions and chairs that are appropriate for meditation
  • Stretching of the mind and body
  • The difference between resilience, relaxation and concentration
  • Taking refuge from the Buddha's point of view
  • How to deal with leg numbness
  • How to overcome sleepiness
  • Practicing Loving Friendliness
  • How to feel energy
  • Sitting vs. Laying down meditation
  • Dealing with emotions

There is much more to meditation that sitting for a period of time.  It requires purpose, dedication, and willingness to always learn something new about yourself.  Regular meditation sessions are integral to a healthy mind and body.  And if your looking to start a journey of communication with spirit, people or animals, this is an integral part of that work.

Compassion for others is a manifestation of universal loving friendliness.  Learning to love your self and others more and moving your focus to a state of gratitude will bring alot of positive energy into your life.  This type of positive energy is needed to connect with universal consciousness.  One must be balanced to share positive energy and to connect.

The benefit of personal sessions is getting the time you need to work on your personal practice vs. a group setting.  Clients who purchase this package have found they are much more successful in their meditation practice and begin to really see the benefits.   I look forward to assisting you with your practice!

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  •  1 hour session $75.00

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Package: 3 sessions: $202.50 (save 10% on each session)

Do you offer meditation sessions online?

Absolutely.  We will be able to meditate very easily together online.  There are many tools available now, for example 'Skype' and 'Zoom'.  You will have a view of me so that I can show you many techniques that you will be able to practice in your own home at the same time.  I will be able to monitor your meditation progress during our sessions and correct you where required to assist in your successful journey.

Coming soon - online meditation course

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