Terri Beauchamp is a certified meditation instructor with the Holistic University of Theology and a member of the International Association for Meditation Instructors.

Do you meditate?

Meditation requires both concentration and relaxation.  Too much concentration and you will not relax and allow the state to flow.  Too much relaxation and you might fall asleep.  The real purpose of meditation is to be content with one’s self.



A well disciplined mind brings happiness.  Meditation softens a person from the inside.  Civilization can change the outside, be we control what is inside (Dhammapada)

Compassion for others is a manifestation of universal loving friendliness.  You cannot love others until you learn to love yourself.  You cannot share good will if your main focus is yourself and your own desires or problems.  You cannot have a healthy mind if you are constantly overthinking everything.  You cannot connect with other entities if your mind if full of thoughts.  One must be balanced to share positive energy and to connect.

I offer one on one instruction where I will teach you the foundation of meditation so that you may be able to practice any type of meditation you choose successfully.  In this session, you may pick 3 things to work on.  After you have learned those 3 techniques, we will practice it.  You will then receive some instructions to practice at home.  Some of the items available to pick from include:

  • Tools and techniques to learn how to really be in the present moment and clear away the mind clutter
  • How breathing should really be done
  • Why your posture is so very important
  • Tools for sitting and appropriate meditation cushions and chairs
  • Stretching of the mind and body
  • The difference between resilience, relaxation and concentration
  • Taking refuge from the Buddha's point of view (there is a Buddha in each of us!)
  • How to deal with leg numbness
  • How to overcome sleepiness from meditation
  • Practicing Loving Friendliness
  • How to feel energy
  • So much more

There is much more to meditation that sitting for a period of time.  It requires purpose, dedication, and willingness to always learn something new about yourself.  Regular meditation sessions are integral to a healthy mind and body.  Let me help you on your meditation journey and find your peace

The benefit of personal sessions is getting the time you need to work on your personal practice vs. a classroom setting.  Clients who purchase this package have found they are much more successful in their meditation practice and begin to really see the benefits.   I look forward to assisting you with your practice!


Do you offer meditation sessions online?

Absolutely.  We will be able to meditate very easily together online.  There are many tools available now, for example 'Skype'.  You will have a view of me so that I can show you many techniques that you will be able to practice in your own home at the same time.  I will be able to monitor your meditation progress during our sessions and correct you where required to assist in your successful journey.

Coming soon - online meditation courses and mindful self reflections

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