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                 Terri Beauchamp, CRA, Psychic Medium,  Animal Communicator,

                    Reiki Master/Teacher,  I Can Solve Me - Fix8, Children's Author

Psychic Readings

Intuitive Psychic Energy Reading

It's just so personal and it's not something you can just share with anyone.  You need someone who understands what you’re going through who can be supportive and help you find the answers your looking for.  You need someone who will really take to heart the concerns you have.

You want to know more about yourself

 - Who are my guides?
 - Is there anything I need to know at the present time?
 - How does my future look?
 - Am I holding onto negative energy
 - What is my purpose
​​ - Am I doing something wrong?

You have conflicts in your current life

 - Should I go for that job?
 - Is he/she the right one for me?
 - Is my future going to be brighter?
 - Which path should I take?
- Does he/she still love me?

You are unique and special
You are loved

Sometimes what we seek is right in front of us and we don't even know it.  We all have guides that watch over us and help to keep us on the right path.  We are all loved and cared for even when we feel the most alone

You can get the answers you need at this time

Your messages are for your highest good

I can help you with what you seek

 It all starts with a simple phone call (416-725-7805) or email ( .  Contact me at any time so we can begin chatting and getting to know each other a little more.  You don't have to feel alone, that's what friends are for.

Group Readings are now available!!

​Having a party for a birthday, wedding?  Other?  A group reading is a wonderful gift to share with your friends

​Minimum of 5 participants.  Choice of individual 15 minute readings for each person or group reading. 

Total time:  1.5 hours

Cost: $40/person ($200 for 5 people) + hst

​Travel cost: $20

Contact me for more details: 416-725-7805


As an Empath I have the ability to feel your emotional and physical being.  By virtue of that, I am also able to receive messages from your guides and give them to you.  Depending on the individual and what is needed for them at that time, I will be given information about the past, present and future.   Each person is different and the messages I receive can either be heard or visual.  Readings are always for your highest good meaning the information you receive at that time is what you need and can change as you move forward in life.


  • You will be given information that is relative to your current path
  • You will receive information from your guides on what you need at this time
  • It can be emotional depending on what the reading is about and may make you feel better
  • Gives you direction to move forward
  • Peace of mind that you are on the right path


To be honest, each Psychic is unique and the person you choose should resonate with you as an individual.  There are many 'light workers' that offer this service.   If you have come this far on my website, you may be guided to continue and obtain a reading from me.   Something already tells me that you need me.  

As for what makes me different, I don't just give you a reading.  I'm here as your friend to converse with you and help you understand the reading you have received.   I won't interpret it for you as that would be interfering with what you need, but we can certainly talk about it.   I genuinely care about my clients and I want only the best for them which is natural of an Empath - we tend to get emotional sometimes because we can feel every emotion if we open ourselves up to it.  But that's part of your reading and that's what allows me to understand you as an individual.



1. Can Readings be completed online?

Absolutely.  We can have a 1 on 1 session that I will setup for us at no additional cost to you.    We will be able to see and speak to each other just as if you were here with me physically.

2. Will I be able to ask questions from my guides?

Yes of course.  I will channel your guides for you and you can ask the questions you have.  Sometimes these answers may seem vague but keep in mind they are intended for your highest good.  Sometimes the messages will resonate with you right away.   I typically receive messages beyond the questions you will ask me as well.

3. Can you provide readings for people close to me who have passed on? 

Yes I can.  I only need the name of the individual and your relation to them.  I can then channel that person to see if there are any messages for you.  Typically they want to share past experiences, good memories and sometimes they have messages for you as well.

3. Will you help me interpret my reading?

No I'm sorry I can't do that and I'll tell you why.  This is where you take the lead.   If I try to make sense of your messages for you, I could end up giving you the wrong information based on my own understanding of it which may not be for your highest good.  Another reason is that we all have a path to follow and I cannot interrupt that.   I would not want to be responsible for setting you on the wrong path or giving you an answer that would take away from an important lesson you may need to learn.  Taking away that lesson would only mean you would need to repeat it again, thus setting you back.  

4. How long does a reading last after it's given?  Will it change in the future?

Readings are typically 1 hour in length.  After the reading is given, it really depends on the individual and the reading they received.  Some messages may be intended for a few months out, some for only a few weeks.  Readings are not intended to give away your entire path and future - that would be interfering with your path and your life lessons.  So, yes your messages will change as you move forward in life.  But the reading you receive is intended to help you in the near future.

Note: Being an Empath is a natural gift and ability.  I do not claim to be a certified psychologist or doctor.  Please seek appropriate medical treatment should require this type of help