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Wishing Well Sanctuary
Address: 2710 10th Line, Bradford, Ont. L3Z 2A5 
Phone #: (905) 775-9179

 Safehome Animal Rescue
Contact: Siggie Eini

K9 Crusaders
Contact: Jodi Lane

In the Community

There are so many underprivileged animals in our world today.  We need to do what we can to help out as much as possible.  Don't purchase an animal, rescue one.  The love they will have for you is amazing.  There are a number of rescue groups I work with to help out where I can (see at the bottom of this page).  Sometimes you will see me participating in one of their events by providing pet readings with all funds donated to the rescue group.  There is no greater joy than giving back to our community and our pets.

This year, with the help of you, we were able to raise the following funds.  Thank you from the groups, the animals and from the bottom of my heart :)

 Event                                                                                                  Group                                                                   Amount               Date
CRA  Yearly Event                                                                      Oakville & Milton Humane Society      $30.00             03-Jun-17
Barrie Pyschic Fair                                                                     Oakville & Milton Humane Society      $40.00            26-Jun-17
Hurricane Harvey Texas Pet Rellief                                 Austin Pets Alive                                              $412.00        04-Sep-17
Stouffville's 1st Annual Mutt Masquerade                 Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge              $40.00            05-Sep-17
Collingwood Psychic Fair                                                      Oakville & Milton Humane Society       $60.00            30-Oct-17

Total  $  522.00

All of my pets are rescues and I have four of them.  Here is their stories:


Genie came to me from Safe Home Animal Rescue (see details below).  She was from Georgia, US and she had been badly burned.  Someone had poured liquid lighter fluid on her back and set her on fire at the precious age of 3 months old.  Needless to say she missed out on her childhood being chained up and then sent to a shelter with horrible burns.  The rescue group brought her to Ontario, Canada and then spent the next few months raising money to help with medical costs.  She was epileptic from the lighter fluid that had been burned right into her blood stream and the trauma.  She had to have her entire back stitched up in order to ensure the skin left from burning would not tear open again.  She is the love of my life and I share her affinity for burns.  I too was burned badly as a young girl and have a scar to this day under my right arm.  I knew how she felt and we were a match made in heaven.  Today she is a spoiled little girl.  There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her.


Charlie was also at a horrible shelter in Georgia, US.  For almost 4 months he sat there with no sun, no walks in a small room caged up on a mesh floor.  No blankets, no toys, no love.  I knew I had to help him and I knew he and Genie were a match.  His picture on facebook called to me to rescue him and so I did.  But I had no idea how to get him to Ontario, Canada.  That's when Story Teller Express jumped up to save the day.  Carolyn was crucial in Charlie's rescue.  She arranged a full day of transportation and charged me nothing.  Her only concern was to get Charlie to safety.  Of course I stepped up and donated to her rescue group.  Thank god for her or my precious Charlie would not be with me today.


Midnight is our little baby boy.  He showed up at my door pounding to get in, literally!   How could I say no?  I noticed he was young and had a very bad scar on his neck where he had been bitten.  He was bone skinny and had I not let him in, he would have died.  He is very important to our family and he consider's himself part of the dog pack.  The love he has returned to us is no match for the little money spent to get him healthy again and give him a home.


Junior is my angel.  A week before my sweet sparky has passed, we received him.  I was at a pet smart with Sparky getting her nails done.  While I was waiting I walked by the cages of cats waiting for homes and my heart bleeding for each one of them.  Out of the blue, one black kitten cried his heart out and the farther I walked away the louder his cry got.  Four representatives at the store came up to me and asked if I would like him.  Clearly I was not going home without him ;).  To this day we have a very special loving bond.  He has the brightest eyes I have ever seen and only shows me love and kindness at all times.

Story Teller's Express
Contact: Carolyn Parker

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