Cloud 9 is a simple and effective emotional energetic energy releasing modality that allows you to release both emotional and physical blockages.

What are we doing during the session?

During our session, we are going to do some real work to remove blockages that are holding you back.  After the release is done, we will work on how to maintain a positive state going forward.  This is where we use the 'Cloud 9' process.  A very simple technique that allows you to release thoughts, energetic emotional blockages and sometimes physical pain without the need to express your thoughts if choose not to.

Setting the intention

Our mental and emotional energy is directly linked to our physical well-being.   When our energies are unbalanced, our physical state can become impaired as a result through direct pain in the neck, back and legs, headaches, sickness and much more.  Setting the intention to move to a positive state is a very important part of the process and something we work on prior to starting the Cloud 9 process

What's Next?

Let's setup an appointment for you.  Or if you would like a 15 minute consultation to discuss how this can benefit you, we can do that too.

Because of the nature of work we are going to do, only 1 hour sessions are offered and can be done in store, online or phone.

As part of this program, I also offer a customized recording catered to you to continue maintaining the state you wish to achieve.  This recording includes customized music and voice over to continue to maintain a positive state and well being.  Highly recommended after completing your session.  You can purchase this separately or as part of the session as a combined payment that includes a 25% discount.

How Much?

  • One hour session is $95.00
  • Personal customized recording for maintaining a positive state is $60.00
  • Combined package is $140
  • Three one hour sessions with recording is $287.50

*Note all prices are subject to HST.  Payment is required prior to your session.  You may purchase through paypal or alternatively you can send an email money transfer to  Once your payment has been received your appointment will be booked.  Of course, if you would like to discuss your options more and have a chat with me you can always call me at 416-725-7805 for a free 15 minute consultation.

Cloud 9

Why would you use this program ?

I'll be there with you every step of the way to remove blockages and I will show you how to continue to maintain positive thoughts going forward and the benefit of doing that in your life.  When we have a negative energy block, we tend to fixate on it for long periods of time.  I'm going to show you the very opposite of what you may be currently doing, how to maintain it and continue to feel better.

How does this work?

You will be able to safely release the negative baggage you may have been carrying around for years.  A blend of mindful meditation and suggestions speaking with your subconscious mind in a safe and proven effective manner to help you release your negative blocks.  We will focus on your intention and I will teach you how to continue to let go of that negativity and what it means when you hold on to it - and how that holds you back.

How will I benefit from this?
One of the great things about this process is there is no need for you to speak of them.  You can simply focus on the intention of letting go while in a deep meditative state with powerful suggestions

Can this be done online?
Absolutely.  You have a couple of options.

I can setup an online session for you through skype or other online tools available.   We will be able to visually see each other and speak as if we were in the same room.  You don't need to be present physically for it to work.  I serve clients worldwide and many of them receive their sessions online.