Emotional Energy Clearing ‘Cloud 9’

Cloud 9 

Is a phrase that was used by our ancestors, in music and defined as one of the final stages in Buddhism for the path to enlightenment.  It is referred to as a perfect state of happiness.

There is power in our words, actions and what we tell ourselves

The Law of attraction states positive thinking and feeling will attract good things into your life.

Positive statements help your mind become healthy

We will

  1. Discover what is really bothering you
  2. Show you how to let it go

The more you do it, the better you feel

Welcome to your Cloud 9 Journey

What's Next?

Because of the nature of work we are going to do, only 1 hour sessions are offered and can be done in store or via the phone.    All prices are subject to HST

One hour session is $95.00

Schedule 1 hour Appointment

Packages can be purchased by contacting terri.beauchamp@terrikins.com

Three one hour sessions 256.50 (save 10%)

Trust your intuition and what brought you here

Let go of self doubt

Life always has its ups and downs.  Everyone has these experiences so we can learn and grow.

There are plenty of reasons not to feel good, but there are more reasons to feel better!

As long as you come from your heart and set the intention for it to happen, everything will work itself out.  You just need a little time

Self discovery will lead you to the right path

How does it work?

We will be speaking with your 'subconscious' mind to uncover the layers of emotional distraught you have put away unconsciously for a long time, even as far back as childhood.  And while you may not realize it, there is more there than meets the eye.  We peel back the layers, one a time to give you the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves your highest good.

Humans have a natural nature to store a behavior associated with an experience and then a memory.  When a similar situation occurs, we have the tendency to rely on the memory as a self defense mechanism and use the experience to handle the new situation the same way.  This same pattern continues each time the situation occurs building on the experience and memory already stored.

To feel better, it requires letting go of it so you can experience new change in a healthy way.  We learn how to respond better when we understand ourselves better.  No longer a 'flight or fight' response.

Most people don't realize what is underneath these many layers until they have a session.  Once the realization is surfaced, the healing can begin.

Please note this is not talk therapy, hypnosis or psychology.  It is energy healing work.