Medium and Large Rocks

Welcome to our crystal shop that includes a beautiful selection of Large, medium and small stones in many varieties.  Our rocks our sourced from many locations throughout the USA, South Africa and here in Canada as well.  Enjoy!


Natural XL Single Quartz Crystal Logs $299.99

From Madagascar.  Beautiful pieces large enough to energize your entire home!  Lovely translucency with natural points.  A must see! Weight: 11170 grams, Size: 393 - 450 mm

Extra Large Natural crystalline agate - $199.98

Snow White, Perfectly Cleaned Spiney Desert Ball Agate Large Crystalline Formation - Crystal Coated Spheroid Forms on "Coral Agate" Matrix -  Weight - 5660 grams, Size - 172-122 mm (Note: item in store similar to piece shown in picture below)

crystaline agate 2

Large Sugar Quartz Crystal $175.99

Sugar Crystals feature tiny and delicate crystals that are attached to the sides of the main crystal.  These look just like tiny snowflakes or sugar coating on the main crystal itself, which is how it got its name.  When you use these crystals, you will reflect on all the blessings that you have received in your life and everything that you have added to it.

Size = 153 x 107 x 121 mm

Sugar Quartz $175.99

Extra Large Gemmy Rose Quartz Flame $350

From Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar.  Amazing flame carving in a beautiful pink gemmy rose quartz with a lovely shape. Top quality piece.  Size 208 x 113 x 56 mm, Weight 1.855 kg


Gemmy rose quartz flame

Chevron Amethyst $24.99

From Kolomo, Zambia.  Characterized by banded amethyst and clear to milky quartz veins.  40-60 mm.

chevron amethyst

Blue Lace Agate $39.99

From Madagascar.  Wonderful array of blue, milky and white agate

blue lace agate

Mini Spirit Quartz Clusters $12.99 - $14.99

From Kwandebele, South Africa.  Mixture of colours including white, limonite and ametrine.  Very pretty in the light

Spirit Quartz - $12.99 each

Green Jade Ball from Swaziland $139.99

From Swaziland.  Green Jade with pyrite flecks inside. 685 grams, 78 mm

royal green jade ball

One Side Polished Mtorolite $39.99

From Mutorashanga, Zimbabwe.  'Royal Jade' a rare chrome chrysophrase polished one sided pieces. A very rare form of chrome chrysophrase also called green chalcedony.  89-126 mm



Rose Quartz Hearts $34.99

From Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar. Variable Colour intensity, stunning perfect polish.  Sizes range from 68-80mm



rose quartz hearts

Polished Petrified Wood Ball $129.99

Lovely petrified wood sphere with exceptional colour and fantastic polish. The surface shows small hair line cracks, but they are natural to the material, not damage.  We love rocks that keep their natural state :).  Size: 95 mm.  From Mahajanga, Madagascar

Petrified wood ball

Polished Red Ocean Jasper Eggs $34.99

From Madagascar.  Stunning jasper eggs with a high polish from material which is in the ocean jasper deposits. Very nice eggs with bright red and earth colours. Size: 58-67 mm

Red Ocean Jasper Eggs 2

Red Carnelian Hearts $39.99 

A range of rich red to orange carnelian hearts with stunning colours and lovely polished finish.  40-50 mm

Carnelian Hearts

Polished Malachite Freeforms $45.99

From Kolwezi, Congo, polished malachite freeforms with good colours and good ring, banded and flower patterns. Size = 81 - 104 mm


Large Labradorite Sphere $149.99

From Madagascar.  Polished labradorite ball with stunning levels of labradorescence. Unique labradorescent effects produced in light. Size = 99 mm

Labradorite ball

Polished Medium Tigers Eye Free Forms $24.99

Exceptional high shine grade of tigers eye with lovely golden chatoyant material. Absolutely stunning pieces with a lovely finish.  Sizes range from 43-73 mm

tiger eye

Polished Smokey Quartz Points $69.99

Beautiful colour, clear transparency, lovely inclusions, Rich in colour.  Sizes range from 70- 80 mm.

smokey quartz 3

Extra large Labradorite Gallets $45.99 Coming soon!

A grade levels of labradorescence. Beautiful and unique labradorescent effects produced in light. Gorgeous. Size = 59 - 78 mm

labradorite gallets $45.99

Natural Handmade Gemstone Aloe Trees $49.99

From South Africa, Kwazulu Natal.  These beauties have tumbled
Aventurine leaves, Tiger Eye stems and under-leaves and crushed red Gemstone Flowers set on a gemstone rough base. These are expertly made by Zulu Ladies in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. They  range between 260 and 360 grams each and 120-150 wide and 13-16cm tall

Gemstone Aloe Trees

Large Stromatolite Massage Wands $49.99

Lovely mix of massage wands from solid stromatolite with a lovely colour of black and green with stunning circular patterns. Very safe material for a variety of application as it is unlike to fracture. Very groovy. Size = 123 - 143 mm.

Stromolite Wands

Large Tourmaline Polished Rocks $59.99

From Zambia.  Tourmaline is a primary stone in alternative circles, and also a big one for collectors world wide.  Shined to a high polish (mirror like), some have vug like features.  Size = 55-102 mm

black tourmaline

Polished Extra Large Double Terminated Sodalite Crystal $350

From Namibia.  Absolutely exceptional extra, extra large double terminated crystal of stunning sodalite with rich dark blue colours and mostly snow white veins. Absolutely beautiful piece. Stunning. Size = 317 X 71 X 43 mm.

Weight 1.17kg

sodalite double terminated

Polished Dragon Septerye Egg


Septerye is a combination of Calcite, Chalcedony and Aragonite. They are unique in that they were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and attracted dead sea life chemically bonding them to the sediment and forming mud balls. They are composed of Calcite, which makes up the yellow centers and Aragonite which are the brown lines.

The name Septarian comes from the Latin word "septum" meaning seven, or “saeptum” which means a wall or enclosure.  As the balls dried they shrank inside and had a tendency to create a distinctive pattern of 7 points in every direction.


Dragon Septerye Sphere

Septerye is a combination of calcite, chalcedony and aragonite. This rock type has lovely colours and fantastic patterns. Absolutely stunning pieces.  Size 43-53 mm

Septerye spheres2

Large Ammonite $129.99 Coming soon!

A stunning ammonite which has been polished on the outer surface to expose the underlying complex suture structure which is characteristic of this group of critters. Lovely patterns and lovely polish! Total Weight 1.2kgs. Size = 147 x 184 mm

Large Ammonite $129.99

Rubelite $34.99 Coming soon!

From Madagascar in a polished egg format. The stunning pinkish purple colours are offset by the contrast of the snow to milky white quartz! Absolutely stunning, very unique, not common, thus highly collectable! . Size = 71 - 76 mm.

Rubelite Eggs $34.99

Standing Agate Black $225 Coming soon!

Size = 213 x 148 x 42 mm. Monster size banded standing freeform of agate with a fully loaded solid crystalline quartz centre.  Stunning!

Standing Agate Black
Standing Agate Black 2

Amethyst Cluster - *Deal Price $69.99

Stunning Piece, lots of sparkle


Natural spirit quartz clusters $45.99

From South Africa, Gorgeous Drusi Crystal Coated Spirit Amethyst and Spirit Quartz Clusters.  Sizes range between 52-135 mm


Amethyst Ball $49.99

Beautiful color and shine.  Size is 40-50 mm.  Stands available in store

Amethyst Sphere

Blue Apatite Eggs $49.99 Coming soon!

Blue apatite eggs with lovely polished good rich colour and some cracked like surface patterns.  Size = 42 - 65 mm.

Blue Apatite Eggs 2

Silky Selenite Logs $10.99 - $14.99

Available in Medium to Large sizes.  Perfect for placing your jewelry on top to clear negative energies over night !


Extra Large Tiger Eye Sphere $299

From Prieska, South Africa. Stunning golden tigers eye ball with stunning chatoyancy over the majority of the piece.  Size 150 mm

Tiger Eye Sphere

Orange Calcite Sphere $169.99

Natural calcite stone from Mexico, carefully hand carved and polished to showcase the beauty and colour of the stone in a sphere. The sphere as a shape is an ancient and universal symbol that represents unity, completeness, infinity - the whole universe.  Weight =1.46 kg, Size = 4" to 4 1/16"

Large Orange Calcite Sphere

Selenite Sphere $49.99

These beautiful spheres contain natural selenite, some very interesting translucent spots and may contain polishing imperfections like flat spots throughout that arrive from the natural process of hand carving and polishing each stone.

Selenite Sphere medium

Blue Agate Geode Book Ends $34.99 each

Polished geodes of agate cut in the middle so each half of the matching pair sits beautifully on your bookshelf.

Height range: 3'' to 6'', Width range: 5'' to 8'', Weight range: 1.0kg to 2.99kg, Origin: Brazil

Agate Geode Book Ends

Stand For Spheres And Eggs $5.99 each

(Nickel) Medium 1''

Sphere Stand Silver

Wood Cobra Crystal ball stand 6X5 $14.99 each

Sits loose, folding up on itself to approximately 3" in diameter and then unfolds to a shorter, wider stand for holding your crystal balls are capable of holding anything from an 80 mm to a 200 mm crystal ball

Wood Cobra Crystal ball stand 6X5

3 inch Wooden Crystal ball Stand $5.99 each

Perfect for gemstones spheres. can be used for 40-50 MM crystal balls

Wooden Crystal Ball Stand- 3 inch