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How technology impacts us and our children

Today’s environment is pretty easy when it comes to keeping a child busy.  Just put the latest tech gadget in their hands and your free to cook and clean, shop at the mall, get some work done, or maybe watch TV and there is hardly any interruption.

Until that fleeting moment when your child becomes agitated because suddenly they are bored and the little tech gadget is no longer working.  So now your frustrated too.

So you try to find something else to amuse them and carry on with your day.

I get it.  Technology was supposed to make our lives easier so we would have more time to enjoy our lives and our family.  Instead it is the opposite.  Life has become fast paced and there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything anything more.

Even with our jobs the technology has seeped in.  Most corporations are telling us to get the job done quicker and your constantly learning some new tool or methodology.  It keeps coming faster and faster and sometimes it’s hard to keep up.  Even the simplest of jobs now require some type of technology training.

We are surrounded by endless gadgets and information that consume our time.

All you have to do is walk down the street and you see everyone staring at that phone in their hands while their walking.  No one is paying attention to what is around them.

But there is a choice.  Before technology became so intertwined in our lives, children played outside with their friends and rode their bikes.  When I was a child, the first thing I did when I got home from school was grab a snack, my bike and I was gone playing with the other kids until supper time (and supper time always had a schedule…6 pm on the dot.  And you made sure you were never late for that!

On Sunday the malls were not open, so you spent time cleaning up the house, reading a good book, going to the park, playing a board game with a family member.  And there was always Sunday family dinners to look forward too.

My point is, take some time away from the phone and the computer and make time for the simpler things in life.  Appreciate the here and now.  Stay present in the moment.   Plan a day a the park with your family and leave the cells phones at home.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Someone is texting, emailing or calling you and your not available for a couple of hours.  Really, that’s ok.

That’s really what we are trying to achieve when we meditate.  Focusing the mind to be in the present, the here and now.  The best way to begin is to start incorporating other activities in your life that promote a healthier life style for the body and the mind for both you and your children.

Feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear your feedback.

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Healing from the Inside Out and your Intentions

What does intention mean with regards to healing?

Your intention is everything when it comes to being naturally healed.  The practitioners job is to help you with the healing you need.  But you also have a job to receive that healing with the best possible intention for your highest good.    It’s not about how your feeling, it’s about healing what bother’s you the most whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.  So next time you visit your practitioner, make sure you come with your best intentions and leave your doubts behind J

Why is natural healing important for me?

We try to take care of our physical bodies as best we can.  We get up in the morning and brush our hair, teeth, maybe have a shower.  Perhaps you have a healthy breakfast with some fruit, cereal or nutritional shake.  Great – so physical body taken care of.  Now, what about the spirit?  Oh yes, that needs cleaned too – and daily!    Just because you can’t see it does not mean it is not necessary.  Trust me, it is!  Want to know more about how to heal yourself daily?  Contact me and I’ll give you some wonderful tips to start and end your day the right way!

What kind of healing will work for me?

We have so many modalities and more coming out every day.  It can be difficult to select the healing that is right for you with so many options.  That’s why it is so important to select the practitioner that resonates best with you.  Take the time to investigate and select someone that feels right and offers a starting point in the type of healing you are interested in.  You may not know what you require, so go with your gut instincts and start with 1 healing and go from there.  It will lead you to where you need to go and who you need to be working with J.

I had natural healing and it didn’t work

I often hear people tell me they went to see a practitioner and they didn’t get the healing they required.  Let’s not discount the practitioner you had immediately.  Rather, let’s figure out why it didn’t work because there can be many reasons:

  1. Did you have full intentions of allowing healing to take place? This is really important before you have any healing done.  A practitioner can provide healing for you but you have to be willing to accept it.  Yes, there is a little bit of work on your part required.  It’s kind of like going to the doctor and asking for medicine but not taking it.  So you intended to get medicine to feel better but you didn’t take part in actually taking the medicine.  This is so very true for natural healing.  Your participation is needed!
  2. Did your energy align to your practitioner? Everyone’s energy is different and it’s important to select the practitioner that feels right for you.  If you have any doubts, it’s time to keep looking.
  3. Did you and your practitioner select the healing that was right for you? Often what we think is best for ourselves ultimately is only the starting point and may lead into other healing required.
  4. How many times did you go see your practitioner for healing? Like anything other type of healing, it doesn’t happen in a day (as much as we would like it to J).  There’s no magic wand here.  You need to put the time into yourself to do the healing you need.  There is a lot of magic in natural healing if you allow it!

In summary, intention for healing for you is everything.  Daily spiritual cleaning is a must!  With the right practitioner and right healing, you’re on your way to a better you!  If you have questions on this article or you want to have a personal session with me to find out the healing best for you, contact me at 416-725-7805 or

Sending love, light and healing your way 🙂

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How your pet communicates with you naturally

Did you know that animals already know how to communicate with us naturally?  If your a pet owner, chances are you have already noticed it.  You know those times when you scold your pet to let them know they have done something you don't like?

They put their ears down, go hide in a corner and give you those sad eyes?  Guess what, they know what you are saying - but not always by your words!

Animals are wonderful communicators without a voice. They do it so naturally we barely notice it. So how do you know your pet sent you a message? Well that takes some time to learn and practice. But they are born naturally with it and they are great at giving you the message in a way you will pick up on it naturally because of the connection you have with them. They make it easy by giving you subtle simple hints without you even knowing it sometimes.

For example, it's dinner time.  Your busy and your thinking, ok, I'll finish that task up and then feed them.  Suddenly your pet is beside you, literally staring at you!  Hello....I'm hungry you know!  So you might receive an image of their bowl or they will physically put a paw on your lap and look at you.  They are communicating with you! Imagine how frustrating it must be sometimes as a pet to want to tell your owner something but they don't get it with the language you are using!

Remember the example I gave above about letting your pet know when they did something you didn't like?  Well, we as humans have a bad habit of sending an image to them without realizing we did it and it's the exact opposite of what we want (like a picture of a couch with them on it and you don't want them to be)!  Try this exercise next time you need your pet to change their bad habits:

  • Take a few deep breaths to center and ground yourself.  It's important your in a calm state before the next step
  • Visualize the activity you want your animal to stop doing with a big red X in front of it.
  • Now send them love by visualizing a pink heart around them

It might not work at first, but trust me, they will get the message.  Animals have their own personalities and they can be sneaky - they know what you will let them get away with :).  So just because you say you don't like something does not mean they will automatically stop doing it.  They do their best to please us but sometimes they just really like what their doing and find it difficult to stop.

Animal communicators are trained with the ability to recognize what the animal wants to tell you. They use various techniques like an animal does.   It's just like another language that a communicator has learned which provides them the ability to be able to have this conversation with your pet.  And Every animal communicator is different because the tools they use may resonate with them differently then another communicator.  

Some rules to think about if you want to have a pet reading:

  1. Never engage more than one animal communicator at a time. 
    • Like I said, each use their own tools so the messages you get may be different from one communicator to another.    It does not make the message incorrect, just different. 
    • You don't want to overwhelm your pet with a bunch of different communicators - that's a little scary for them.  I mean it's kind of like introducing a child to 5 different strangers.  That would be intimidating.  And most likely your pet will reject communicating then.
  2. Believe it or not your pet already knows who they would be most comfortable with.  You will feel who is best to communicate with your pet and your pet will easily let you know.
  3. Be open minded and let your pet know your allowing this to occur.  Your role in a pet reading is just as important as the animal communicator.  If your not comfortable or you don't trust the communicator, the animal will know that and they will not open up as easily.

Benefits of a pet reading

  • You pet has a chance to finally get off their chest what they want to tell you
  • Your pet may be sick and needs to tell you what they need
  • A lost pet may need your assistance to find their way back home
  • Behaviour issues sometimes stem from a physical or emotional element and we don't even know it.  They animal just needs an opportunity to tell you what's wrong.  Then at least you have the information to move in the right direction.  It may not fix the problem but you will be able to make a better decision
  • You just want to know if your pet is happy 🙂
  • And so much more.....


Sending peace and light your way 🙂




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Heart’s Desire

When our hearts are closed we are unhappy.  We become judgemental and come from a place of pain, fear and suffering.  Your heart has a deep energy centre that can be hurt both emotionally and physically causing pain to the body, heart breaks, illnesses and more.

It is from this point of view that we look for a quick fix, a moment of happiness.  We misunderstand our hearts desire and try to fill that void with a quick fix.  For example, you might buy a new article of clothing at the store and feel good at that moment you wear it.  After it has been worn, the novelty wears off and we look for that next quick fix feel good moment to take away the pain in our heart.

We are equipped both physically and emotionally to resolve our own suffering very easily if we simply allow it.  Life in general has become so fast paced that we miss those simple moments that could help us quiet our minds and hearts, be still in the moment to give us peace of mind and simple happiness that is long lasting and fulfilling.  Instead, we fill it with what we think will make us happy based on what we see around us and not within.

Here are some tips for opening your heart centre and clearing your mind before you begin your day or after a very busy day

  1. Find a quiet place to sit. The weather is beautiful these days, so sitting outside in your backyard or a park under a tree is a great place to quiet the mind.  Taking off your shoes/socks is even better to help ground and connect with the earth.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths until your breathing relaxes
  3. You can keep your eyes closed or open them, entirely up to you what feels comfortable
  4. Now place your right hand on your heart’s centre. Place your left hand over your right hand
  5. Feel the warmth of your hands going to your heart. Each and every one of us is capable of healing ourselves.  All you need to do is allow it!
  6. Feel the warmth of golden sun on your face and in your heart. Allow your hands to continue to rest on it.  Really try to feel this – it’s very important when opening the heart centre
  7. Repeat to yourself 3 times: I allow my heart to open. I am allowed to feel love and give love to others.  I’m grateful for today and give thanks for my life and my lessons
  8. Now think about your day and all of the things that made you feel good.
  9. Continue to keep your hands on your heart as long as you feel you need.
  10. When you remove your hands, you’ll notice warmth on your chest. This is your heart centre opening and clearing itself.

It is your birth right to feel good about yourself and everyone around you.  Treat yourself with love and respect and you will receive it back in more ways than you thought 🙂

Sending hugs, love and light