Animal Communication

Your pet is not just an animal. They are part of your family and you love them as much as you would any child.  You don't just trust anyone with your baby, they have to care for them the same way you do.  Lately, there is something that is bothering your loved one and you would like to know what it is:

They just won't seem to listen, as if they have a mind of their own
They have something to tell you

I wish I knew what they were thinking
You can find out what they are thinking

I just don't know what kind of food to give them, they won't eat
We can find that out what food they like

My baby seems depressed lately, he/she won't get up and play like they used to
Let's find out what is bothering them

My dog keeps barking at everything that walks  by no matter what I say
Let's find out why they are aggressive

My baby is terrified when someone comes to the house or lightning strikes​
Let's see if we can help them overcome that fear

My baby is a rescue, I wish I knew what their past life was like
We can find out their past is about

I want to adopt a pet but I'm not sure it's the right fit for me
Animals typically choose us, not the other way around.  Let's find out if you have been chosen.

My name is Terri and I can help you find the information you need on your pet.   I love animals just as much as you do and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for them.     An animal reading can provide an array of benefits. It allows you to negotiate with feuding animals, help to develop trust, and enhance training. You can learn about past owners and experiences, help rescue animals with adoption, and so much more.  

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  • Animal communication is a form of three-way intuitive communication that takes place between the animal, the animal’s owner, and the animal communicator. 
  • The name and age of the animal and a photograph is required to do the reading. 
  • ​The questions asked will range based upon what you desire out of the reading and what the animal chooses to tell me. 
  • Believe it or not, animals are masters at this type of communication. It is how they know the predators stalking them, and how they can hunt their prey. They recognize the need for intuitive communication for survival, and never disconnect from this sense.

About Me as an Animal Communicator

 I have been around animals since the age of 2 years old.  I love them as much as I do anyone else in our household

When I was younger I lived on a farm and we raised horses and cows.  My favorite cow was one I named 'Audrey'.  She was a very special girl that greeted me with snuggles and kisses every morning and evening when I fed her.  

Of course we had 15 cats and a dog and I took care of the sheep at the neighbour's across the street.

I don't recall a day in my life without at least a cat or dog.   I currently have 4 rescues in my home, 2 cats and 2 dogs.  Each one of them called to me and each one of them has a unique story to tell, something special to give me in return: their love, support and guidance.​

My love for them extends beyond just a pet reading.   I understand them and how they feel which is why I offer my services sometimes to Pet Rescue groups, Humane Societies or sometimes I attend events and help to raise money for these groups.  There's nothing better than helping an animal who does not yet have a home and just needs someone to listen to them.  Visit my page '
In the Community' to see some of the groups I help today.

 ​​Note: Being an Animal Communicator is a gift.  I do not claim to be a Veterinarian.  Please seek appropriate medical treatment for your pet if you feel this is required.

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