Sea of Blade Goblet


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Beautifully hand painted Sea Dragon Goblet .  Dragons have long been loved and respected for the magic and mystic natures.  Perfect for your altar table to show your respect to dragon spirit to make an offering, drink out of or just to purely enjoy for one’s own pleasure 🙂

Perfect to drink out of. The stainless steel silver canister is removal for washing which is fantastic as you will never have to wash the hand painted part.

This particular goblet includes intrinsic designs and a steel blade sword.  Absolutely beautiful creation, design and one of a kind!

Material: Cold Cast Resin

Approximately 7.5″ tall x 3.5″ wide

Description: Hand Painted

Dragon meaning:  Dragons traditionally represent auspicious energy for realization of new projects. They also represent strength, power and control over water, rainfall, and floods.


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