Pink and Blue Aura Wolf Tapestry



This beautiful tapestry hung on the wall will bring love, peace, understanding and much more to your home.  It has more meaning that meets the eye when viewed carefully


The wolf animal totem is a very powerful ally and friend to have.  They are a symbol of freedom and wisdom and they help guide your journey to self-discovery.  They are a devoted pack lover which means they help teach us the importance of family and helping one another.  Trust is never given but earned and thus they are very protective over themselves and their pack fighting to the death if necessary.

Wolves with yellow eyes symbolize your passions while a blue-eyed wolf stands for purity and self-respect.

Blue Aura represents peace with oneself and peace with the surrounding

Pink Aura shows that the person is radiating love

Interesting in this tapestry that we have the opposite colors surrounding the wolves eyes.  Decide for yourself the hidden mysteries.


  • Size: 10.0 * 6.0 * 1.0 ( cm )
  • Material: 100: Polyester


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