Air 2


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Made in Canada!  Support your local artists!

Air 2 is an exceptional piece of artwork displaying multiple feathers from birds.  Personally signed by the artist.  One of a kind.

Spiritual: Feathers remind us to look at life from a higher perspective, or as some would say “a bird’s eye view”.  Birds have the ability to see the smallest item from very high in the sky.  When you find one, they are considered sacred gifts from the divine and they can help place you in a higher state of awareness and joy.

“Feathers symbolize our connection to the Divine. They represent our Higher Selves and the lightness of being. They are gifts from the Spirit realm.”


  • Original, acrylic artwork on canvas
  • 11 x 14
  • Has been smudged
  • Has 7 mini crystals on the back
  • Signed by Artist on the back
  • Has been energetically charged wtih 4 traditional medicines. This makes the painting energetically unique
  • This painting also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

The Author’s Personal Story:

Dorota is a teacher, a holistic nutritionist, a meditator, an animal and nature lover, an avid reader and learner,  a seeker and of course a painter!

She has been painting with her special gift for about 5 years and as you can see from her work she paints straight from the heart.  Only recently decided to sell her artwork to the public in 2016.  Since then she has been building her artwork collection which is now being displayed in Art galleries and more!  You can read more about her and  Imprints of the Journey:




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