Educational Extinct Old World Monkey


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So this is pretty cool!  An educational cast of an extinct old world monkey (also referred to as ‘Theropithecus darti’) are part of the Marapo casting project.  It’s so close to the real thing you would never know the difference, check out the teeth detail!  And it’s a good size.

The Marapo casting project was setup by Prof Lee R. Berger in order to produce employment opportunities with in the UNESCO world heritage site. The material is NOT research grade casts but rather educational or commercial grade casts.

Spiritual Meaning: The monkey is a great problem solver, this this little guy is great to have around when your studying for an exam or working on a complex project.  Monkey’s know how to have fun!  So if you need a little joy in your life, call on Monkey spirit for help :).  Don’t forget they can be sneaky too, so if your seeing monkey regularly, make sure your not being deceived!

Grade = Educational Grade


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