Free Form Salrose Stone (S)


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Most of our small Salrose stones, while free form, are a unique cube-like shape. Stunning Salrose matrix pieces hand polished from Congo. Stones range in colour from a very saturated pink to a lighter, creamier pink with white, grey, and black marbled throughout.

Also known as Cobaltian Calcite, or Pink Cobalt Calcite, Salrose is a calcium carbonate mineral.

Size: 25mm – 40mm

Spiritual Meaning: It is a stone of deep compassion. The compassion occurs first for oneself and one’s past mistakes or fear-based decisions, and then for others. It is an excellent emotional healer and can assist in healing trauma from this incarnation or past lives. Uplifts the emotions, promoting harmony and creativity. Used in multi-directional energy distribution and activates chakras.


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