Double Terminated Sodalite (XXL)


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Absolutely exceptional extra, extra large double terminated crystal of stunning sodalite with rich dark blue colours and mostly snow white veins. Absolutely beautiful piece. Stunning.

Spiritual Meaning: Can be used to calm the mind and speak your truth.  Those with anxiety or panic attacks may want to keep this crystal near by.  Also a good stone to place near your desk computer to help control radiation.  This stone is blue and thus represents the throat chakra.  Double Terminated Crystals are crystals with two terminated points, one at each end. The 2 points assist us in understanding different points of view and helping us to balance our yin and yang.

Sodalite is a zodiac stone for Sagittarius.


  • Size = 317 X 71 X 43 mm
  • Weight 1.17kg
  • From Namibia


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