Musical Elephant Car Chimes


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These delightful musical car charms hang from your rear view car mirror and remind you of all life`s joys as they twinkle delicately in the wind.

Enjoy great Feng Shui as you drive

This is a unique line by Jacob`s Musical Chimes

Key Features of these beautiful chimes:

  • Each musical pipe is perfectly tuned in the Pentatonic scale to promote relaxation
  • Individually packaged
  • Handmade in the USA.

Size: 3 inches tall, plus 9 inch ball chain.

Symbol: elephant spirit animal is a symbolism of extreme courage and tolerance with the stamina and strength to match. Elephant radiates authority and steadfastness with a power of presence equal to none. The elephant symbolizes spiritual awareness, and awareness of the earth and how she affects land. She represents great patience


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