Lapis Lazuli 14 k Gold Plated Ring


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0.8 carat Lapis Lazuli set in sterling silver with 14 k gold plating.  Hand crafted and one of a kind.  Simple and Elegant

Each piece of fine jewelry that we sell comes with a personal certificate!

Spiritual meaning:  Lapis Lazuli is associated with the third eye chakra and is used to open the eyes and connect with spirit world.  It is said that Cleopatra used this stone as crushed powder for her eye shadow as well as used by many pharohs (including King Tutt) to adorn their tombstones.

Main Stone                    Emerald

Carat Weight                  0.80ctw

Shape                               Square

Color                                 Green

Finger Size                      5.75

Gram Weight                 1.2g

Material                           14K Yellow Gold over 925 Sterling Silver


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