Amazonite and Brown Jasper Heart Bracelet – Coming Soon!


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Since antiquity people have adorned themselves with gemstones for inspiration and protection. Our single strand bracelet made with 6mm Amazonite beads is adorned with a lovely assorted Brown Jasper heart charm.

Spiritual Meaning: A heart’s meaning is really up to the interpreter – it is mostly associated to Love, Unity, Sacred, Cohesion, Sensuality, Femininity, Attraction, and Mirroring/Reflection.

Amazonite is referred to as a “Stone of Truth” and a “Stone of Courage”. This stone is empowering; good for facilitating self-discovery, self-awareness and the ability to embrace one’s own integrity and truths.

A quintessential Earth stone, Brown Jasper is deeply connected to the planet as “home,” and embodies security and protection, nurturing and healing. Jaspers are the nurturers, the healers and the spirit stones of courage and wisdom. They all carry a strong connection to the Earth’s energy, making the jasper healing properties very beneficial for grounding, stability and strength.


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