Sacred Beaded Smudging/Prayer Feather



This Prayer Feather is handmade by a Cherokee craftsperson, the beaded and fringed handle is unique to the artist and the sacred path he walks. Prayer Fans are commonly given as a gift to heal the heart. Ideal for use during smudging ceremonies to fan smoke.

Just as ancient Americans used the feathers to send prayers to the heavens and draw healing power from the sky, and so with all sincerity we hope such healing goes with you with every footstep. (Please Note: Feathers, beads, leather and fur will vary.)

Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Size: Approximately 10″ – 12″ in length with 2 inch leather fringe

SYMBOL: Since antiquity feathers from various birds have been used for decorative purposes, rituals and ceremonies. Feathers are believed to contain the spirit and powers of the bird they came from and these attributes can be called upon to aid the user.


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