Mystic Patchouli Aroma Oil by Hem


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HEM Mystic Patchouli Fragrance Oil is steam distilled from flowers, has a warm and earthy strength of the scent. Its distinct fragrance encompasses the entire surroundings when used in a diffuser. It helps eliminate or mask bad odour. Calming scent clarifies thoughts and drives away insecurities, making it ideal for therapeutic use in aromatherapy.

Can be used in aroma freshener diffusers and aromatherapy lamps.

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Fragrance oils are blends of various fragrance oils mixed in unique formula to resemble a natural aroma or to create a unique pleasant smell. A natural fragrance oil is sometimes also an essential oil which is diluted in some carrier oil. We don’t use the essential oils directly, because many essential oils are very strong and have potent smell. If used in full concentration, their smell may become too strong to bear. By blending premium oils with other safe ingredients, we create the safe, effective product Fragrance Oil, these fragrance oils we diffuse to create an atmosphere that help us relax, feel calm and be in a happy mood.

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